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Complete the form below to register to umpire with Oklahoma Diamonds. The registration provides us with your contact information so we can add you to our umpire system and automated communication.

We have regular season officiating Monday thru Thursday at The Diamonds at LaFortune, Hilti Park and Savage Sports Complex. We have tournament officiating also available at all 3 sports complexes. We are accepting and encouraging youth ages 12 and up to become umpires as well as adults that may be new to officiating. We offer training classes each spring and ongoing online training through Little League. 

After you complete this registration, we will email you a new ID to our umpire assignment system. Your next step will be to sign on to our umpire assignor system and complete your account profile. If you complete this registration and do not hear back from us, please send an email to to let us know that you have registered to umpire and need an ID to our assignor system.

Our umpire assignments pay $35 starting out with tee ball and as high as $70 per game behind the plate officiating our older age groups in high profile tournaments. There are a range of payments per game aligning with your experience level and how long you’ve been in our system.

We welcome new umpires or experienced veterans. We have many levels of baseball games to officiate, from TBALL to Adult leagues. The youngest an umpire can start out is at 12 years old up to the most experience umpires on the planet. We offer these youth opportunities to help develop our youth players.

Little League University Umpire Registry

Tulsa Little League has a very strong 60+ umpire organization. We offer training prior to our Spring season. Register early in the year to receive this excellent and power packed training. Join the team today!

Thank you for applying to become a Tulsa Little League umpire!

Umpire Registry

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